Ministry of Defense Self-Defense

Middle East security forum, consensus announcement = Beijing _ China ... Kono Minister speech in IISS Regional Security Summit Manama Dialogue 0 date of Saturday, the first session [Maritime Security in the Middle East] Chipman office length, everyone of the relevant ministers should be revered, Ladies and everyone, is Taro Kono. We are honored to be able to speech again as the Minister of Defense of Japan here Manama. I was transferred to the Ministry of Defense from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this years, but now has a more substantial budget has been increased also worry about a problem at the same time. As I mentioned in the last year and the year before last, I, under the belief that peace and stability in the Middle East has been directly involved in the prosperity of peace and the economy of the world, including Japan, precisely because Japan has a role to play with respect to the Middle East, over 0 days, as Minister of foreign Affairs, took the helm of Japan's diplomacy. And, the belief is, not be changed even if the Minister of Defense, now became the Minister of Defense, has become a compass to guide the direction of the involvement of on Japan's security in the region.
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